November 20, 2017
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Written in the Scrolls:

FennFeathers edit delete
Hey everyone!

I started Ancient, honestly, on a whim one day with only a vague idea of story direction, characters, world and everything that makes it what it is. while I am passionate about what I am trying to do, and committed to creating the best content I can possibly make...I don't feel like I have the direction or ability to do so with this current iteration of the world.

So what now? I'm going to stop updating Ancient for a while. I'm not sure how long...something something 'indefinite hiatus'. But I do know that it will return at some point. Pinky promise! I'm taking some time away to rethink and reorganize everything I have come up with regarding the world so far and I will return later with a less linear way of telling my stories. I'm sorry to anyone that's actually interested in this comic as it is now, though I suspect that's very few people in reality. Another thing that I expected and thought I could handle, but totally could not in reality, was the pressure to create a page every week. It started out easy, but I soon exhausted my buffer as more and more stuff cropped up that prevented me from drawing, and it quickly got overwhelming. You all saw how crappy the art can be when I feel pressured and rushed.

All that aside, thanks for reading Ancient! We'll return in the future, and I promise everything will be better. I wasn't ready to make a comic and I'm unhappy with the way i have handled my own creation. It's just not up to my standard. I'll see y'all around!